Coeur Philosophy

All things in love, especially coffee...
Our Philosophy, locally & globally...
here at Coeur Coffeehouse!

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At Coeur Coffeehouse we proudly feature Stumptown Coffee Roasters’s menu of ever-changing seasonal coffee offerings.

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Specializing in extracting espresso and hand-crafted filter brew options, at Coeur Coffeehouse your coffee will be properly extracted every time, guaranteed.

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Our passion at Coeur Coffeehouse is to use hand crafted flavorings, choosing flavors that match our taste & philosophy so we are assured that they accentuate without overpowering the fine qualities and nuances of the coffee's natural flavor & body...

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At Coeur Coffeehouse we have adopted a buy high- sell low policy of putting quality in front of monetary motive, and we specialize where you do locally by strengthening our local partnerships.

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